A Pop is two things put together

Simple and fun, #GoPop allows you to capture a photo or video and combine it with anything on the web – an animated GIF, a movie clip – whatever comes to mind. To experience a Pop, press and hold down to reveal what’s hiding underneath.

A new way to express yourself

Social media has largely been about sharing what you see. #GoPop makes it possible to share what you see and how you feel about it.

Have conversations
with photos, videos and GIFs

Anyone can respond to a Pop with another Pop – you can use either of the original clips in your response. #GoPop is a public forum where people interact through remix, creating a venue for people to talk about what’s happening – from breaking news to intimate observations of the world around us.

The web has given rise
to a new language

Photos, videos and GIFs convey emotions and ideas in a fundamentally different way than just words alone. With #GoPop, this shared vocabulary is now available to everyone - you can express yourself in the moment by mixing the web’s best media with your own life story.